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problem in installing ubuntu10.4

Ubuntu @ July 21, 2010   Views:0

hello friends
i am using ubuntu9.4 and i want to iinstall ubuntu 10.4
today i download ubuntu 10.4 in my usb drive and when i restart my laptop it open direct my older version also when i boot my usb drive it doesn't show anything just open the older version of ubuntu
please tell me what should i do....


Did you set boot priority in bios.

how to do that

when you start your laptop there should be a message
"press [some key(shold be F! or Esc or del...) for menu]". Press the key in the message and you will go to the BIOS menu. Search for "boot priority" or
"boot order" (menu can be diferent on diferent computers) and set usb to boot before HDD. Restart your laptop and it will boot into install usb.
After install change the boot prioryty so the HDD is first.

A lot of Bios also have a one time boot menu. Select that option upon loading and boot off your USB.

no man it is not working
try to give me some other way

Be more specific. What happens you try to boot off your USB?

i have not try it yet but if i boot off usb than usb will not work so how than it install

Do you have a CD drive? Use the LiveCD instead.

how did you put ubuntu on USB. Did you just copy the image or did you use startup disk creator.

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