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Remove tag from lots of images in Shotwell

Ubuntu @ October 9, 2013   Views:0

In a moment of foolishness, I accidently added the tag 'Birds' to all my images in Shotwell. Unfortunately, although it was easy to add the tag to all the images (Edit > Select All > Add Tags...) I can't find an easy way to delete all those tags (it'll let me Add Tags... en masse but not Modify Tags... so I am reduced to remove the 'Birds' tag, one by one, from my thousands of photos).

Is there something I've missed, that will let me remove the 'Birds' tag from the images, or must I resign myself to a one-by-one approach for who knows how long?


EDIT: I have discovered a 'solution' (hah!). I clicked on 'Birds' on the tag side-bar in Shotwell. Then I used Select All and was able to remove the 'Birds' tag from all my images. So now 'all' I have to do is go through my photos and re-tag those with birds in them. Not a great solution, but it could be worse... I'm gonna mark this [SOLVED] as it is 'solved' after a fashion. However, if anyone knows of a better way to do this, please post!


Have you tried to first select that tag in the sidebar, then select the photos you would like to remove, and choose Tags -> Remove Tag "[name]" from Photos.

Thanks, v useful

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