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Samba problem or Network problem..

Ubuntu @ July 13, 2012   Views:0

Hi guys,

can you help me? because i noticed most of the times i needed to restart /etc/init.d/networking for my "shared files" to back on the line, is possible for my server's network to be automatically up and never go down? or is it my LAN card that is having a problem? and when i restarted Samba "service smbd restart" everything i shared is now gone and cannot be located...

im just confused


When it happens, could you please provide the following output?


sudo dmesg | tail -n10

Have you checked to see if your network card 'sleeps' in powersave mode?

Hi rslater and Rexilion,

i saw the problem,, its with my Windows machine, i reformat it and monitor again my server's performance and noticed that it does not go down or disconnect,,,

thanks for your time guys..

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