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Screen Switching

Ubuntu @ December 21, 2008   Views:0


I have a Dual boot system on my Asus A6000KM laptop running Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.10. The graphic card is a nvidia,the laptop is about 3 years old. When I boot XP and 'transfer' to a 19" Samsung Syncmaster 943NWX screen the 'picture' is perfect, e.g.. symmetrical...but when I boot Ubuntu and transfer to the LCD the picture or graphics appear 'stretched' e.g.. the Firefox logo appears to be a bit oval instead of 'round'. If I adjust the LCD to "Auto" there is a 2" space on the left and right of the graphics...but the picture is perfect, when I adjust to 'wide' it appears stretched..Can anyone help??? Friends have told me it is due to different fonts on Ubuntu, I have just about run out of ideas...any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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