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SIS graphic cards

Ubuntu @ December 29, 2009   Views:0

I like to buy this nettop pc.The graphics are provided by SIS mirage.Anyone familiar with these graphic cards?
Oh,btw,nettop pc (?!).This is it,you hang it on the screen.


SIS graphics chipsets are not very well supported, there is a driver installed by default, but you would have to try it to see if it will work with your chipset.

Yes,been googling around.It's not that intresting after all considering the support.The concept of it was nice though.Thanks for the response.
Kind regards,J.

I seem to recall when I bought a system here that it had SIS onboard and it would not work at all for me.

Eventually the system manufacturer confirmed that the system would not run Linux and gave me a complete refund.

Would thing that you should avoid like the plague unless you can find more positive information on SIS

Just read it before closing.Thanks for the info.I'll consider this a no-buy.Thanks guys.

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