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[SOLVED] help building algoscore

Ubuntu @ May 17, 2008   Views:0

I've just grabbed the latest version of algoscore and untar-ed it. In the read me it says to install CMake and do


cd src

which seemed to work. I've tried to click on the AppRun file but it does not load the program and the algoscore binary at the top of the directory seems to be missing. Does anyone know how I would go about getting the program to run?
Here's the link to the program: http://www.bitminds.net/kymatica/ind...ware/AlgoScore


Ok so this will yield this.


[email protected]:/usr/local/share/AlgoScore$ ./AppRun
[: 10: ==: unexpected operator
exec: 10: ./algoscore: not found

Made sure you have all the dependencies installed? It mentions to make sure you also install the packages with -dev.

Went through the list of dependencies and double checked that before hand. I wish I could find that algoscore binary file the installation instructions were talking about.

It seems that they have something odd in their shell script. I changed the brackets in the if statement to parens, and that got that part working, but then
err, let me get back to you in a moment, but try that in the meantime. You may need to chmod +x AppRun after editing it.

Thanx man I'll give that a go.The binary file they are mentioning is what you are compiling. You have the source code and are creating the binary so that you can run it on your system. Unfortunately i'm on a windows box and probably cant help any further for the time being. Good luck!
Ahh hah it was my bad. Woah I found it in my root directory for some reason.
Ok so I did Xiong's edit and chmod-ed it. Changed permissions and the program should be good to go after an X11 restart. Marked as solved thanx everybody for your help.

...well not entirely solved. AlgoScore insists that I'm on a Macintosh.


cd: 2: can't cd to /Applications/Utilities/X11.app/Contents/MacOS
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