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sp3a does not seem to apply

Microsoft SQL Server @ February 25, 2004   Views:0

I am trying to install sql server sp3a. I checked the version before and after the sp is applied, and it shows:


Now, according to the sp3a readme:


the following versions should show:

SQL Server 2000 Original Release 8.00.194 RTM
Database Components SP1 or Desktop Engine SP1 8.00.384 SP1
Database Components SP2 or Desktop Engine SP2 8.00.534 SP2
Database Components SP3 or SP3a, or Desktop Engine SP3 or SP3a 8.00.760 SP3

This would imply that after installing sp3a and restarting, the version reported should now be 8.00.760. However, it still shows 8.00.194. So it appears to have not really installed, althought the sp3a installation ran without incident. So, how can I get the sp3a to not just act like it installed, but actually get it to install? Also, I have shut down all mssql services and rebooted, applied patch, and rebooted again. Doesn't help.
Also, if it is really installing, is there another way to tell?

Anyway, I really need to be able to install sp3a to see if it fixes another problem I'm having. Unfortunetly, since I can't even tell if the sp3a is installing, I can't tell if it really doesn't help or not. Thanks.

Tony F


Are you trying to upgrade MSDE or the full fledged SQL Server. If you run select @@version, the last line should tell you what version you have. MSDE requires a special SP3a.

I'm running SQL Server 2000 Developer edition. As far as version, when I run select @@version I get a single row which has the following:

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.194 (Intel X86) Aug 6 2000 00:57:48 Copyright (c) 1988-2000 Microsoft Corporation Developer Edition on Windows NT 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4)

This seems to be the same thing (8.00.194) that it had before the sp3a service pack was applied. Anyway, it's not really an issue for me now, since I was able to get past the problem I was having in the first place which I wanted the service pack for. Thanks for the reply, though.

Tony F

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