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SQL crashes

MySQL @ October 2, 2010   Views:0

Im trying to set up an arc emu wow server and when i downloaded and tried to install MySQL i got an error.. it said Error0. And i googled it trying to find a solution and it told me i should remove instance, so i removed the instance and when i tried to re install it it crashes when i execute the install, i have reinstalled this thing over 20 times and can't fix this, its very frustrating please help.


bump First up, I've never heard of "arc emu wow server".

As for mysql, what type of machine do you have, pc, linux, mac?

What version of mysql did you download?

How are you trying to install it?

In clear steps, what did you do to try to instal mysql? What is the full text of the error message?

Good luck,
Barry. I'm running Windows7, 64bit.
The original error I don't remember what it said, all I know it was error 0, but now it crashes everytime.
I am using the newest version of Mysql.

I downloaded the installer and went through all the steps, I tried the Standard and Detailed installation multiple times and it still crashes when I execute it.

And for the Arc emu, I am trying to set up a World of WArcraft Private server, Arc Emu is just the type of it. And after compliling the server It told me to come download MySQL

http://www.arcemu.org/wiki/index.php?title=Database_setup > I am using the newest version of Mysql.

There are several "newest versions".

Are you using the newest 5.1 for x86 64 bit?

Try downloading the installer package again, and check it with the md5 checksum to make sure it's not damaged.

Good luck,
Barry. This looks like it has been discussed before.


Have you tried these?


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