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Strange Internet behaviour...

Ubuntu @ September 15, 2009   Views:0

Dear Ubuntu Friends,

Since a few months I am having problems with my Internet access. I connect via a cable modem and have a hardware router/firewall installed. This setup has been working fine for years. Beginning of June, overnight, I am having Internet problems with both connected computers. The computers are hardwired, no wireless LAN. For instance, I am getting the message that a new software update is available. When I try to install this update, the computer cannot find the source of this update. It looks as if the Firewall blocks the site. In the mean time I have tried three different Firewalls, same results. When I remove the Firewall it seems to work fine. My question is now: why has this allways worked, with Firewall installed, until June. I called my provider and they say that when it works without Firewall, the problem is not on their side. I am just puzzled why this happens. Thanks for your help...



Which site is it accessing and getting the error from? You can drop to the terminal and type "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade" to see what happens and cut-n-paste the output so we can help you specifically..


not enough specific information for anything other than wild speculation and fruitless assumptions


What do you mean by three different firewalls? Are they all software firewalls or are you using some combination of software firewalls and a router with a firewall?

Also, have you tried pinging the router ("ping 192.x.x.x") and outside of the network (ie. "ping google.com")?

Another thing that you can try doing is to use a live CD and see if you can get an internet connection with that.

what hardware firewall are you using?

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