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table in jsp

Java Programming @ May 22, 2003   Views:0

hi all,

i have a table in JSP which is dynamic, so the data inside the table change at every time.
I can have a table where you can see all the data in your web page, so i use a scroll bar but my problem is that i can't see the different titles of the columns when i look at the bottom of my table.
Does anybody have a solution to see always my titles???


All I could suggest is repeat the table headings every (for exampe) 8 rows.

Well u can solve this prob by having the titles in a separate table and have other table values as dynamic.
I hope this will solve u r problem

could you precise your answer please cos i don't really understand your idea

Just curious, are you running a jsp server?

When I tried to put up some jsp for some reason the text boxes I made stayed blank. I've decided to learn java first though.


Is it an HTML table, or is it a table in an applet?

Mine was html I can post if you would like.

it's an HTML table and i listen to your solutions

I was thinking something along the lines of W3C DOM and JavaScript, but I don't know how you could determine when the header of the table goes off the screen.

Although this isn't really the place for it, if you are interested in the DOM approach the link below looks like it can dynamically create a table.

My thinking is that when the table header goes off the screen, you can change the top most visible row to the Header row. And the opposite when the user scrolls back up.

Again, I don't know how you can first determine when the user is scrolling, and when the header goes off the screen.

I'd probably go with ArchAngel approach. It's easier

How about generating XML and using a data island? Downside is that it's IE-specific.

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