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  • Remove button activeState from collapsible set menu buttons
    I have an accordian/collapsible menu in my jquerymobile project and I'm really not liking the default activeState that JqueryMobile applies to it. Is there a way to target certain buttons, accordian titles and other active elements within a jquerymob
    Users to share on:April 12
  • perl with sybase connection
    hi team...I need help for connection sybase server emergency... i will start perl programming for our company software ourselves-I need dbi driver installation guide,installation setup file and etc. i m using dzsoft perl editor (,and i have a
    Users to share on:February 12
  • Activepython pypm error
    i had some problem with python so i tried to fix it and now i can't use pypm to install anything, see this picture can you fix it? I'm using activepython 2.7 --------------Solutions------------- This forum is for Python programs. I would suggest that
    Users to share on:August 3
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