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  • Translation digita from arabic to roman
    Hi, Is there a plugin or another possibility to translate an arabic digit to an roman? I have a span with different arabic digits and I need that this will be dynamic translated into an roman digit. Best regrads --------------Solutions------------- h
    Users to share on:April 27
  • reading arabic data from Oracle database in java
    I want to read data from database. the data is in arabic language. the character set of my database is AL32UTF8. when i try to retrive the data i get "????" please do reply how to solve this problem this is the code public static void main(Strin
    Users to share on:February 2
    Hello, I had a very peculiar problem today which I am sure hundreds would have had and solved before. I have developed a VB.Net + SQL Server application and installed it in a few dozen places. All worked very well. Then I installed it in a persons co
    Users to share on:February 13
  • RTL " Right to Left " languages with jQuery Mobile !! How to ?!
    Hello , How to manage the RTL " Right to Left " Languages as " Arabic , Persian " !!! as example : the comments count , and icons ; to be at the left instead of the right ? <span class="ui-li-count">19</span>  In
    Users to share on:January 31
  • Arabic (Right to Left) treeview
    Hi All, I need help to convert the treeview layout to right to lef alignment. I think this can be done by modifing the css and images, but I don't know how?! Can anyone help me! Thanks for this fantastic plugin. --------------Solutions------------- Y
    Users to share on:January 12
  • Datepicker Localization by Translation or Conversion?
    JQuery datepicker is great but some localization is none sense! Talking about date, localization is not only translation of month and day names, or providing local date formats which is available in localization modules. Localization is supporting lo
    Users to share on:October 8
  • asp, MySql and Persian/Arabic
    I have created a page which is supposed to pull some information from a mysql database and display them. Another page is supposed to save the data to the database. The problem is, that I am not even able to get the data in Persian or Arabic displayed
    Users to share on:August 30
  • jquery form validator not showing Arabic letters correctly
    im trying to use a jquery form validation, and i want the validating text to be arabic. the problem is that when i change that phrase in the .js file, it shows squares instead of arabic letters. this is my js file:' $(document).ready(function () { //
    Users to share on:August 29
  • Switching
    I am using Joomla , I developed one website in English in (En) folder then i copied all the website to a new directory with the same links and files with (Ar) Then i change the language of the website in Ar directory but the file is still the same I
    Users to share on:January 23
  • Check my foreign grammar? Arabic/Chinese :P
    Hey all, I got a small job here. The site design is the way the client likes. Mainly, I just want to get some feedback regarding content... I don't speak Arabic or Chinese. He needed the content translated to both. He suggested Google Translate (he d
    Users to share on:December 23
  • how to add arabic support for android SDK Emulator (2.3)
    How can i add arabic language support in Emulator of android SDK ? its displayed words as separated like this : س ل ا م how can solve this problem ? --------------Solutions------------- Only SDK 3 above provides Arabic, see here Only SDK 3 above prov
    Users to share on:July 22
  • Roman Numerals to Arabic Numbers and Vice Versa
    This program challenge was given to me by my Professor for extra credit. He said it includes some programming that we haven't learned yet in our C++ class. Messed up... Ideally I would love if someone would do this for me, but we all know that's not
    Users to share on:March 23
  • how to send arabic sms with at_command in C#
    Hi can any body tell me how can i send arabic sms with at-command in C# ? i try with this code but the message show incorrect on phone ! serialPort1.BaseStream.Flush(); string cb = char.ConvertFromUtf32(26); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(2000); this.
    Users to share on:November 21
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