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  • Help on reading serialized data from file_get_contents
    I am able to view content displayed from the API but i'm not able to extract the various contents. my codes are below: function parseInfo($barcode) { $url = "https://archive.org/advancedsearch.php?q=$barcode+AND+licenseurl:[http://creativecommons.org
    Users to share on:March 22
  • creating a archive list (blog style) using php and mysql
    want to create an archive list like this: 2014 -March -Feb -Jan *Post 1 *Post 2 2013 -November *Post 1 My config file is: <?php ob_start(); session_start(); //database credentials define('DBHOST',''); define('DBUSER','name'); define('DBPASS'
    Users to share on:May 30
  • Class or function like pagination for news from mysql db
    Here is online demo - http://cs-bg.info/news/archive/ I want to show my news like that. (like archive for each year) I want to work with epoch time. Thanks for any help. --------------Solutions------------- So what do you want? Have you searched for
    Users to share on:February 17
  • How would I Auto Archive a picture of the week? (displayed on home page)
    I want to have ONE picture on my home page (a poster) and when the date is done I want the new one to replace it and the old to go to a list of all the previous posters. if anyone has a snippet of code that would be amazing. thanks --------------Solu
    Users to share on:October 24
  • Jar file created in JDK 1.5 - Not executing in JDK 1.7 - is this normal?
    Hello, I am trying to execute a jar file with higher version of jdk. But it fails & the worst part is I am not getting any error message. Jar file compiled verison: jdk 1.5 Executed version: jdk 1.7 I assume the jar file is downward compatible. thoug
    Users to share on:October 23
  • C File Archiving Utility
    Hello all, recently got a piece of coursework I completely know nothing of. It is shown below: Your task is to write a file archive utility similar to that of the Unix tar program. This program will be a command line program (i.e. there will be no gr
    Users to share on:January 2
  • Automatically create an archive by month and year?
    I want to have a list of months and years when content was posted to my website. Example: /// Archive July 2012 June 2012 May 2012 April 2012 /// Then, clicking one of list items takes you to a page with every post from that month. I know I should se
    Users to share on:July 15
  • Logic of Building a Blog Archive ?
    Hello, I am going to be building a blog and have rattled my brains out on this but could someone please explain in much detail as possible how i would go about building a blog archive ? I don't mean i want the php code just the logic behind it. I not
    Users to share on:January 13
  • Best method for archiving MYSQL table data?
    I recently inherited a website and they have a simple back-end area which was created using phpmaker. The back-end displays various MYSQL database tables. There are two tables which hold registration information related to promotions/contests the com
    Users to share on:December 2
  • Creating an update utility
    Currently running python 2.7 on windows 7. I have an app created with wx python and compiled with py2exe. This app has an update utility that polls an update server at startup. If an update is found it downloads the new executable file (approx. 7mb)
    Users to share on:August 10
  • Reading Multiple files from one file
    I've been tasked with reading in multiple emails that are stored in a single archive file and then scanning it to find certain things. My problem now is that I seem to only be reading in the first of the many individual files stored in the single arc
    Users to share on:April 29
  • Zip file not extracting correctly
    First of all, I would like to apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum. If I have made this mistake, please tell me where this should be placed and I will quickly fix that. Okay, now to the problem. I downloaded a zip file and extracted it
    Users to share on:March 27
  • Using cURL to download an entire web page.
    Hi, I have been searching here and Google for the past few days but I haven't been able to find an answer. I want to have a script that will download one page of a website with all the content i.e. images, css, js etc... I have been able to save the
    Users to share on:March 21
  • Unzipping Issue
    Hi All, I'm sorta stuck on this one. Hopefully some of you folks can help me out... My question in a nutshell: Is there a way to have PHP extract all of the files from an archive without preserving the directory structure? Extra Info: A site I'm work
    Users to share on:January 29
  • Tag archive page
    Hello, I'm making a tagging system for a script. The tagging system is much like the one here. be it's not normalized like this one. It's a single table in my database with three columns. uid | id | name The 'id' field is not auto increment. It is a
    Users to share on:January 11
  • Outlook 2007 email archive
    Hi, all, When using a manual archive or autoarchive in Outlook 2007 (windows xp), the emails are copied, instead of moved to the archive folder. This is happening only for one user. For other users on the same network, with seemingly the same archive
    Users to share on:April 23
  • creating an archive for website entries
    hi guyz, i want to create an archive for my website entries (news,articles....etc) can anybody help? appreciate the answer --------------Solutions------------- I think you want a Content Management System(CMS). Try Mambo or Joomla. Are these posts on
    Users to share on:December 28
  • PHP &amp; MySQL Archive
    Hello every one! I'm developing one simple site, and I need to make an "archive" script. My MySQL Table looks like: | id | title | content | is_deleted | pub_date | *pub_date is in PHP time() format. Example: 1258150430 So, what I want to make i
    Users to share on:November 13
  • using fs.OpenTextFile without .TXT
    I need to write to a textfile and name it with an extension other than ".txt" (an archive file) . For example: myfile.123 I can't seem to get around the file system object adding ".txt" so my filename becomes myfile_123.txt Do I need t
    Users to share on:September 17
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