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  • jQueryUI datepicker not working when used with blockUI plugin.
    I am using the jquery blockUI plugin for a form and in that form i have a date field for which i have used the jquery UI datepicker widget. The widget works fine however my problem is that it appears at the back of the block UI and hence it is not se
    Users to share on:June 9
  • BlockUI FF background images do not show
    Hi, I am using thr BlockUI plugin to expose a loading message when a form is submitted. I have amended the js file to include this as a default message: message: '<div id=\"wrapper-1\" style=\"background-image:none;\"><div id=
    Users to share on:August 29
  • Block UI Plugin - multiple levels
    Can the block UI plugin block multiple levels? I want to block when I put up a dialog, then block again with another on top of that. --------------Solutions------------- dialog set with modal:true, and closeOnEscape: false will block page by itself
    Users to share on:May 13
  • Block UI not working with swf in Chrome
    I am facing issue using BLockUI with swf in my page Overlay is not seen in chrome can any one help plz --------------Solutions------------- Flash doesn't have to play by any rules. Contact the author of the flash swf . JΛ̊KE I have created a demo out
    Users to share on:August 7
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