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  • Bookmark Links not working with jquery mobile
    Jquery-Mobile is interfering with my same page (Bookmark) links. To fix this, I'm attempting to disable ajax calls for hyperlinks on pages within a given site. I have successfully disabled ajax for the normal links on the page, but bookmarked links a
    Users to share on:November 27
  • How to import firefox bookmarks in konqueror
    Importing a hierarchy of firefox bookmarks in konqueror can be tricky, as konqueror's bookmarks editor doesn't read firefox's sqlite databases where the bookmarks are stored. Konqueror bookmarks are normally stored in a file ~/.kde/share/apps/konquer
    Users to share on:November 1
  • Odd behavior with Word Through Interop
    Hi, Getting some strange behaviour when using Interop to create a Word document from a template. I'm using word to generate a nicely formatted and printable Receipt from Sage 200 based on a Word Template. The code should open Word then create a new d
    Users to share on:September 4
  • Strange Chrome Behavior
    Yesterday I crashed my Windows 7 when I attempted to install debian in another partition. Today I reinstalled Windows 7 by repartitioning and reformatting the hard drive. After reinstalling Chrome I noticed it retained all my previous bookmarks and s
    Users to share on:July 6
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