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  • WPinit diskpart cmd prompt bootloader
    Help! I don't know what I did! I was in the process of helping to fix a friends HDD by plugging it into my system to then chkdsk, get updates, etc, little did I realize I left some sort of bootloader on the flash drive that I was using and it loaded
    Users to share on:July 1
  • I have a problem with bootloader , it does not appear!!
    I installed windows 10 and it works good , then I installed kali-linux and that problem apears. when i open my computer it goes directly to windows not to dual boot (bootloader) to choose between the windows and kali .. I tried the live USB solution
    Users to share on:October 5
  • How to add windows 7 to windows 8 bootloader?
    Hi there, I have a machine with 2 harddrives. One has Windows 7 installed and the other has Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed. Since my Win8 is my primary, it starts up into windows 8 without even showing the bootloader. Is there a way for me to g
    Users to share on:March 14
  • Help with bootloader in Assembly
    Hey guys, i'm trying to compile this piece of code with nasm in Ubuntu. It's a boot loader for a simple operational system i'm doing as a university project. [BITS 16] ; 16 bit instructions [ORG 0x7C00] jmp word load db "ONYXDISK" ; OEM Label St
    Users to share on:February 21
  • I'm Back, With Everything
    Earlier when I came here I had only a minimal set of utilities and a WinXP comp.. Now i'm here and serious, with kubuntu (and Internet!!!!) and willing to learn all of that dd, mov, eax, and bochs stuff. Here is my delemia: I have a C++ Program, have
    Users to share on:January 9
  • Use only windows 8 bootloader without the OS
    Hi guys :D I have a windows 7 touchscreen tablet and I would like an ubuntu partition. The issue is that the bootloader that comes with windows 7 doesn't support touchscreen input so i will not be able to select which OS to boot into. I understand th
    Users to share on:January 5
  • Evaluation Of MY c++ program,Win 7 bootcode writer
    I have just completed my first program in c++.I am an ultra newbie,have only been doing c& c++ for 12 days,so please forgive me if my program is shit.Anyways i would like the experts on this forum to evaluate my work and give me tips and hints to mak
    Users to share on:November 10
  • Dual boot problem_how to make win7 as primary boot OS over fedora14
    hi. i have 500gb HDD, first i install window 7(64-bit) then after fedora14 on separate partition using Fedora-14-i686-Live-Desktop cd. so when my laptop is booting it shows a boot screen with two option, fedora OS(as default) and win7 as other.After
    Users to share on:March 12
  • Moving Program Files and Changing Location of Bootloader for Windows 7
    So, I recently got an MBR virus and after (and partially during) removal I began to get frequent BSOD's and freezes (as in, no debug info simply stop doing any operation), and those BSOD's didn't provide any useful debug information (no message in al
    Users to share on:December 5
  • Jumping to the next boot device?
    Hi everyone, I'm creating my own OS from scratch, and I'm first producing an installation CD so that I can easily install my kernel on a hard drive. So far, I've written a CD-based bootstrap loader in NASM that finds a program within the root directo
    Users to share on:November 19
  • NASM bootloader troubles
    Over the past few days I have been writing a bootloader/kernel in NASM... It loads perfectly fine when I write it to a virtual floppy using PARTCOPY, and then boot to it from Oracle VM VirtualBox. However, when I write it to a physical floppy and try
    Users to share on:November 17
  • Assembly Bootloader with a C/C++ Kernel
    I have written a bootloader in ASM (I can post code if you like) and I plan to write a kernel in C /c++ because I don't want to have to deal with a Kernel written ENTIRELY in ASM. Is there any way (Got to keep this under or at 512 bytes) to allow the
    Users to share on:July 15
  • XP - Did Not Load Driver - Slow Boot and More
    Did not load driver... Did not load driver.... Did not load driver.... I'M SICK OF IT!!! Here's the story: I'm running XP/Service Pack 3 - Things were running mildly quirky, so I decided to re-install Windows... No big deal, I booted up from the Wind
    Users to share on:July 11
  • PS3 Hello World bootloader
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to tinker with developing an OS from scratch, but the only machine I have that's 'tinkerable' (i.e. that I don't have important work or anything on) is my PS3 (not the slim version, so I can install "Other OS"). I've see
    Users to share on:February 22
  • Creating a floppy image
    Ok so i have this floppy image that just prints a message now the problem that i am running into is that i have to jump to memory location 0x1000 and then jump back to the original place but have no clue how to do it this is what mbr looks like on th
    Users to share on:October 4
  • Kernel writing
    Hi! I've started to write my kernel in assembly but I think its far too complicated! Instead I would like to try to write it in C/C++. I'm new to these languages but i've written alot in VB and C# so I don't think it's going to be too hard to learn C
    Users to share on:September 12
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