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  • SOLVED: Calling Mapbox's map.resize() method from within jQuery
    I have a Mapbox map embedded on a page, which loads into a sliding panel which is controlled by jQuery. If I change the browser window size and toggle the panel, the map often appears only partially filling its container. This is a known issue with t
    Users to share on:August 1
  • use on click do not work after ajax call
    Hello, I've using jquery 1.8.2 and here is the following code I have:  $(document).ready(function () { var user = 1;  $("a.like").on("click", function () {             var article = $(this).attr('data-article');             $.ajax({   
    Users to share on:May 21
  • Using jQuery to loop through elements and call user-defined function
    So I'm trying to use .each to iterate through an unordered list where each element has a tag. If the element has "tag1", then the element is shown on screen, if not then the element is hidden. The problem is when I used .each, for each iteration
    Users to share on:May 18
  • calling $() with new String()
    $(new String("button")).get(); /* returns b,u,t,t,o,n */ This (ridiculous?) $() call is it seems easy to avoid by replacing (jQuery.1.9.1.js line 132): // Handle HTML strings if ( typeof selector === "string" ) { With this : // Handle
    Users to share on:April 6
  • Best practice: call() pass $(this) or this?
    When it comes to using call(), should I do this: _ = $(this); myMethod.call(_, 'baz'); So I can do this: var myMethod = function(arg) {       // ...       this.hide();       // ... } Or this: myMethod.call(this, 'baz'); ... which would make it so I h
    Users to share on:December 25
  • Calling a number on Windows Phone 7
    Hello , I am working on a windows phone 7 app using jquery mobile and phonegap. I realised window.location.href/replace(....) do not work in WP7 and i know I can atleast replace window.location.href with jquery mobiles page change implementation BUT
    Users to share on:July 17
  • Invalid procedure, call or argument, please help!
    Hi, well, I am not a programmer and I only use free, open source codes for my websites. This one, my menu, works great in Firefox, Chrome. Now, as always, problem is Internet Eyplorer. It works great in IE9, but in IE8 and IE7 I get this error: Line:
    Users to share on:November 27
  • Call a function from another iframe
    Hello guys, i have a page, principal.aspx in this page i have a function that creates iframes. in one of those iframes, i can call the function again to create another iframe. what i need now is to acess a function an iframe, knowing the id of the if
    Users to share on:November 7
  • calling draggable droppables events using triggers
    I was wondering if anyone has done much by way of calling events on the UI widgets. What I'd like to do is determine programmatically whether a drop event should be called. If an element is over a droppable element I'd like to be able to simulate the
    Users to share on:April 2
  • How to display the page loading widget while loading dynamic content?
    Hello,  I'm often adding content dynamically using $.getJson in order to retrieve values from a php script. The problem is that it takes a few seconds to get the content and to display it. How can I display the loading widget during that delay? Thank
    Users to share on:February 16
  • Accordian Slider Jquery Plugin
    Hello, Just picked up and installed Easy Accordion Plugin from Madeincima on a Joomla 1.6 site. Everything is working fine, except I would like to make some cosmetic changes to each tab on the slider when it is both active and inactive. The way the p
    Users to share on:January 14
  • jquery-ui resizable lazy call on event
    Hi all,  i have an element that is loaded and created on a user event. My problem is,that if i call directly into the <script> tag, it works <script>  $('th').resizable();  </script> if i call : <script> function callOnEvent() {   
    Users to share on:January 1
  • C++ Calling a function from another class
    Hi, in this code i am trying to call the function "issueTicket" from class "ticket", in the the function "reserveCabin" in another class called "cruise". Also, i think it is the same problem, i am trying to call fun
    Users to share on:April 1
  • Calling template member function
    MyClass.h class MyClass { //... public: template <class T> static void Swap(T& Var1, T& Var2); //... } MyClass.cpp template <class T> void MyClass::Swap( T& Var1, T& Var2 ) { Var1 ^= Var2; Var2 ^= Var1; Var1 ^= Var2; } In anoth
    Users to share on:March 17
  • How to call Method/Procedure of Child form from MdI parent in C#
    i want that when i click NewToolstripbutton it run active child form newbutton procedure Note: newbutton is a userdefine Procedure. Help if any body known Ammad Iqbal --------------Solutions------------- I dont think its such a hard Question. I am Ne
    Users to share on:March 8
  • JSP call function foreach
    I'm trying to populate the items of a foreach-element in a JSP page. <c:forEach var="request" items="${manageSchedulesBean.userController.getRequestsBySchedule[schedule.scheduleId]}"> Gives me: org.apache.jasper.el.JspPropertyNot
    Users to share on:February 28
  • How can I emit a call to a delegate whose type is unfinished at the time of the emit?
    Hi everyone. I'm having trouble emitting a call to a delegate whose type is unfinished at the time of the emit. I'll elaborate: I'm trying to dynamically (i.e., with a TypeBuilder ) create the following class: public MyClass { // Delegate type. The '
    Users to share on:February 28
  • I'm a beginner. How do I call main in assembler?
    If there are multiple ways to do this, would you name a few, please? --------------Solutions------------- what does the assembler do is just convert the assembly language source file into a object file. file name ended with .a .obj .o like extension.
    Users to share on:February 16
  • wxPython Classes and Functions
    I have a Frame called ChangeDirPanel and an other one called MyFrame, the last one is the top-lvl window and has a function called file_show_dir which updates a listbox in that same window. (both frames have their own class, is it better to have the
    Users to share on:February 5
  • You Can &quot;Call&quot; This A Beat-Down
    Well, well, well. Just as I got done ratting out the mobile phone companies for various beat-downs, guess what I found out? Well, actually, I found out two things: one, I found out that I should be glad I don't have a monthly mobile phone service pla
    Users to share on:August 26
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