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  • Kill Old Mysql DB Processes in Application.cfc
    I have a problem with my site regularly exceeding Max User Connections. The limit from my hosting provider is 10 and I am regularly exceeding this amount for 1 database user. I'm unsure if this is due to a Coding Error / stuck or errored cfthread / m
    Users to share on:January 8
  • Moving to next record after 60 seconds
    Hi all, I have a page setup that pulls my data using a query. I want to be able to move the data to the next query result after 60 seconds. Once the query reaches the end then I want the page to refresh and all the query again so it is continuosuly p
    Users to share on:August 22
  • CFQUERY Datatypes and Quotes
    Hello, In CFQUERY operations, can someone advise as to the following: 1. What data types REQUIRE single quotes for UPDATE and INSERT statements? * We are using MS SQL 2008 R2 with CF9 2. Is it best practice to use CFQUERYPARAM for EVERY statement now
    Users to share on:August 14
    hi all, I am new to cold fusion please help me i am using the cfquery tag for executing a select query and getting the system name and system is from that........ But i want an extra system name and system id to add to the result of that query with o
    Users to share on:September 9
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