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  • accessing functions from a dll using python ctypes
    Hi, I was trying to access some functions from a dll using python ctypes, but not sure how to pass pointers to get it to work. Here is an example of what i am trying to call: GetAvailableDevices ( SdkHandle session, DeviceDetail * pDev_list, uint32_t
    Users to share on:July 8
  • Passing pointer to array of structures in ctypes
    Hello, I am having trouble using ctypes to call a Dll function. In short, the function accepts a pointer to an array of structures....like: int arrayFiller( USHORT sensorID, void *pRecord, int recordSize ); I have generated a pythonified version of t
    Users to share on:March 6
  • import and unpack and array of floats
    Hello, can someone please assist with my application... An automation system collects 512 measurement points per sensor. Each measurement point has dedicated OPC tag which I can read using OpenOPC for Python. However, with multiple sensors, the OPC s
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  • ctypes help
    I've been working on facial recognition and have obtained a dll that can recognize faces in an image, and gives cordinates aswell. It came with an example program written in C++ and I'm trying to port it to python. Here is the C++ code #include "wind
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  • .DLL call with python -help
    I am trying to access some functions with in a dll I downloaded. I know I need to use ctypes, but all the examples and tutorials use windll.kernel or windll.user32 respectively. How would I go about calling a function with in xyz.dll? EDIT: Never min
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