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  • Go back to previous page and keep collapsible content block open
    Hello Guys, I have a Content collapsible block in one of my pages, and a inset listview inside it. In order to select and item from the list I have to un-collapse the block. When I tap an element in the list, it takes me to another internal page. Now
    Users to share on:August 12
  • Back Button Broken in iOS App
    It appears that iOS 9 and the last version of iOS 8 broke the back button in jQueryMobile. The back button works on a site while in Safari and Chrome browsers. However, the minute you save it to the Home screen (to lose the browser chrome), its back
    Users to share on:February 17
  • using rel="external", data-add-back-btn not working
    '<li><a href="?no=1234#detailpage" rel="external">title</a></li>' when i go detailpage, data-add-back-btn="true" is not working. invisible help me~ --------------Solutions------------- https://forum.jq
    Users to share on:July 23
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