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  • Hiding Div Once
    Hello, I am very new to jquery and web design in general. I figured out how to hide the logo at the top of the website I'm working on once the page loads, but I want to make it so it only hides it once per visit to the site (until the cache expires).
    Users to share on:August 14
  • When theres an animation effect, set a global variable to true and then, when not, unset it
    Lets supose we have lots of different animations running at the same time. Something useful would be, if jquery could set a global variable somewhere (scope?) with a value (maybe: true) when animations are happening and unset if not: jQuery_animation
    Users to share on:August 3
  • fading effect in ui dialogs
    I'm having problems with using the fade effect for my dialogs. They don't close either way if they're modal or not. var defaults = {             bgiframe        : true,             modal            : true,             draggable        : false,       
    Users to share on:June 22
  • How do i create this scrolling function?
    Hello jQuery Fellows! I'm wondering, how do i create this: http://www.ja-nic.sk/#about (Press one of the links "about" "contact" or something, and watch the smooth scrolling effect) Thanks alot. Regards Marthin ('BasioCoderz') --------
    Users to share on:May 23
  • Multiple hover effects at the same time for a dropdown-menu
    Hi, i´d like to show a submenu mouse over: 1. fadein ( opacity: 0 -> opacity : 1) effect and 2. position movement (position: absolute; top:20px -> top:50px) at the same time like this But without "slideUp" and "slideDown". The wh
    Users to share on:April 6
  • Simple "pulse" plugin needs closure?
    I'm trying to create a very simple plugin to control the pulse (fadeIn()/fadeOut()) effect and use a callback. The pulse itself works, but the callback doesn't. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong?  (function($){ $.fn.pulse = function(options) { return
    Users to share on:April 5
  • Is it possible to control the speed of the "explode" effect/hide effect?
    The documentation indicates that you can add a duration to the "explode" effect but I get the impression that the duration has a lot more effect on the fade out of the final exploded image than on the process overall. In my test case the explode
    Users to share on:April 2
  • $().effect('pulsate') opacity limits
    When using the pulsate effect, it morphs between 0 and 1 opacity, is there any way to set those values or at least a mininum opacity?  As far as I can tell the only param it accepts is 'times'. --------------Solutions------------- No, it is hard-code
    Users to share on:March 4
  • Where to find th apple iphone5S Effect?
    Hi, I really want to make a simular page like http://www.apple.com/nl/iphone-5s/ But i cannot find this anywhere? Can somebody please help me find this cause i love this kind of information display. Thank you --------------Solutions------------- If y
    Users to share on:March 3
  • Effect: add an id to the transfer div
    Hey, When you run the effect "transfer", it is already possible to add a class (option className) to the div that will visibly transfer to the target. What about adding an id to this div too so that it can be called individually while transferri
    Users to share on:March 2
  • Trouble with hide('slide');
    So I suspect I'm doing something really stupid, but... I have the following line of code: $('.' + class).hide('slide'); Which works as expected, sliding the object to the top left. After that, I tried $('.' + class).hide('slide', { direction: 'left'
    Users to share on:January 24
  • Pulsate "opacity" parameter
    Opacity parameter to allow user to specify lower bound of opacity in pulsate effect. Pull request at https://github.com/jquery/jquery-ui/pull/125 Note: There is a comment about >100% opacity being allowed but the only way to do that would be to pass
    Users to share on:December 29
  • Interactive BG and Adobe Muse
    Hi there, I need some help to get this interactive BG: http://www.onextrapixel.com/2014/04/09/create-an-interactive-moving-backgroundobject-that-reacts-to-viewers-cursor/ done in Adobe Muse. Could some please just tell me how this one works in Adobe
    Users to share on:December 6
  • Animate enlarge with a bounce/elasticity?
    I want to build a gallery of thumbnails that enlarge on hover. However, I was hoping I could animate it so that it has a sort of elasticity/bounce to the enlargement. What I mean is, you hover over it, it enlarges (say, doubles in size), but shrinks
    Users to share on:December 3
  • Effects - Show (HIDE)
    I am trying to find an animation of the hide similar to turning a page. Is there something like that predefined. Thanks --------------Solutions------------- Nothing in jQuery itself does that. There are plugins out there. Hit the search engines! JΛ̊K
    Users to share on:November 17
  • .effect() + size: border grows
    Hi, My problem is that when I use .effect() to gradually change the height and width of a div, the border of that div also grows. Here is a code snippet: $("#info_box").effect( "size", {to: { width: 800, height: 600 }, origin:['bottom'
    Users to share on:November 14
  • ui Slide without width on wrapper...
    Well I am trying to make a nav-bar slider. Please check out the example and you will probably see what i mean: http://jsfiddle.net/MadLittleMods/fy2cT/ I want to make it a smooth flowing transition so that the last item flow along with the rest of th
    Users to share on:October 22
  • Unbinding a jQuery UI effect
    I have a unique situation with regards to the jQueryUI 'transfer' effect. Basically the problem is this: I have two panels in which I use a click event to move items from one to another, and use the transfer effect to display the transition between t
    Users to share on:October 13
  • Replace effect
    Hello all I have developed a website using some effects (fadeIn, fadeOut, slideUp ...) which works fine, but now I see that those transitions are very slow in the iphone. As everything else works fine, I would like to exchange those effects for hide
    Users to share on:October 11
  • Cycle - Altering Cycle DIV during animation.
    http://ulihaas.com/gallery.php?name=abstract I'm cycling through some images which are downloaded in full resolution and then scaled before starting the cycle. Because the aspect ratio differs from image to image, I need to move the cycling div aroun
    Users to share on:October 9
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