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  • opening a jqueryUI (1.10.4) dialog often crashes my PC (fedora 22)
    i've added a dialog popup box to my website and am finding that there is now a 50/50 chance that when i click on the button to open the dialog, my entire laptop will freeze and reboot! my site is based on the elgg framework (elgg.org) and i am using
    Users to share on:October 19
  • How to make AJAX calls - Elgg
    I'm trying to make an AJAX call in elgg, but I've been unsuccessful so far. What could I be doing wrong, or what am I missing? Thank you all in advance. Elgg version 2.1.1 start.php // in myplugin_init() elgg_register_ajax_view('forms/myplugin/add');
    Users to share on:January 10
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