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  • Gimme codez
    i want a simple c++ program --------------Solutions------------- please give me a simple game in c++ language #include iostream using namespace std; main() { cout << "Q: How many hookers does it take to screw in a light bulb?"; cout <&l
    Users to share on:February 20
  • pls give me the codes..
    please help.. a small airline wants you to create an automated reservation system.the system has to assign seats on each flight of the airline's only plane(capacity:10 seats).your program should display the ff. alternative choices: PLEASE TYPE 1 FOR
    Users to share on:February 19
  • Need assignment done in C or C++ or Java...will pay for the assignment
    Hi, I need one of my assignments to be done in C or C+. Need someone who can do the assignment for it. Need it urgently..need the assignment done by sunday. Will pay money for doing the assignment. Please email me immediately <<Email Snipped>>
    Users to share on:February 19
  • mastermind game in java code
    hi. .. im asking for a code of the mastermind game. . . wer d user guess the 3-color pattern randomized by the pc. . .. the user have only 6 guesses. . .. if he guess a color in d ryt position or a color in d wrong position indicate it on d right sid
    Users to share on:January 19
  • help me doing this
    Plan and code a guessing and betting number game, as described by the text below and the sample output but do not write any functions (other than main). An appropriate welcome message with your name in it should be shown at the start of the program.
    Users to share on:January 11
  • Please Iwant help in c++ program!!!!
    hi every one I have project in c++ and I don't understand this program I want help please. --------------Solutions------------- This qusetion : Consider the following classes: Customer, Account, Date, Savings, and Investment. Complete the following s
    Users to share on:January 6
  • PLs help me URGEnt About interval search method
    Hi. im just quite new to c program and i need help on who can give me the source code. This is about Interval search method or OSM in numerical method analysis. The program should solve a given equation f(x) example: f(x)= x^2+2x+3 Given the function
    Users to share on:January 4
  • array progrmas(help to solve )
    1.write a progrm to initilize the integer, double and character type values in an array and then print their values on the sacreen? 2. write a program to calculate the average of n number&then compute the deviation of each number about the average 3.
    Users to share on:January 3
  • C Code of Game of Life
    Hello, I have a problem of with game of life source code in C. I need a source code for game of life in C programming language Kindly send me a source code so that i can check my own source code. --------------Solutions------------- Instead of just b
    Users to share on:December 30
  • Help me please ASAP.
    BIQ-005-Accelerator You've been given an assorted set of gears. Each gear has a different number of teeth – the notches on a gear that interlock with notches on another gear to transmit speed. You have a couple of belts one coupled to an input and th
    Users to share on:December 28
  • Help me in Game of Life.
    Hello: My problem is: "The game of Life takes place on a 2d array of cells, each of which may contain an organism. Let occ(i) be the no. of cells adjacent to cell i that are occupied by an organism is obtained from the previous generation appling the
    Users to share on:December 25
  • how to make bubble game in applets(java)
    I m making a bubble game in java applet and i have to face many problems in applets becoz i m beginner and i dont know how to use threads in java applets plz send me bubble game with source and pics --------------Solutions------------- you will not l
    Users to share on:October 14
  • gasoline station using java codes
    PROBLEM ANALYSIS 1. To calculate how many liters per vehicle fueled and convert it to price. 2. To calculate the sales of the fuel from beginning to ending of one shift. 3. To calculate sales inventory. 4. All the consumer purchase diesel and unleade
    Users to share on:October 14
  • can somebody... give me a complete code for a nested menu??
    i really need to know how to make a program that will never end and continue to repeat itself from the beginning... ^^!! --------------Solutions------------- no one's going to give you complete code for anything. but here's a snippet: while(1) { // d
    Users to share on:October 5
  • help sir!! ^_^
    sir can you give a an example of an nested menu code for c>>??<< i want to learn how a to make a program that will return to its menu after executing a choice on its list?? like this menu 1] addition 2]subtraction enter your choice: 1 enter nu
    Users to share on:October 4
  • give me solution for
    write a program which convert a given decimal number in to binary ,hexadecimal ,octal and write a function which will arrange a given string in alphabetical order --------------Solutions------------- Do your own homework. I'm attempting to simplify m
    Users to share on:October 4
  • BSc 2nd Year Project &quot;Apartment Rental System&quot;
    Hi, I am currently doing 2nd year of my BSc Computer Studies. I have selected "Apartment Rental System" as my project title. But I am stuck with details of such system documentation. Please help me in this situ to complete my 2nd year. Thank u -
    Users to share on:October 1
  • Final degree project
    Hey everyone.I am doing bachelors in software engineering and now am in my final year.and need a good idea for my final year degree project.so any good idea.....please do write in detail....waiting for a positive reply --------------Solutions--------
    Users to share on:September 3
  • Require Assistance for Final Year Project
    I'm a senior at my college and am now set for my final project. However, I can't think of a good project topic. The problem in the matter is that I'm part of a single major called "Software Engineering & Applied Mathematics" and have been on
    Users to share on:January 27
  • project of c programming
    Project of C programming Write a program that helps the user to consider a range of interest rates for a mortgage over 20, 25, and 30 years. Prompt the user to enter the amount of the loan and a minimum and maximum interest rate (in whole percentages
    Users to share on:July 26
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