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  • Using jQuery scripts for commercial use
    I'm wondering can I use other people jQuery scripts for commercial use? Since GPL has viral effect, every work based on jQuery has to be GPL / MIT too, right? So, I can sell jQuery script, but I can't forbid use it as part of other commercial works.
    Users to share on:June 10
  • jQuery licencing on commercial sites
    I understand that any modified or derivative works are also MIT or GPL, however, if jQuery is called from a webpage on a commercial site, is the HTML that it is called from now a derivative work, and hence all the copyrighted content within is now al
    Users to share on:January 3
  • Denounce GPL infringement
    Hi everybody, i work at a VERY LARGE BANK project in which they are systematically removing every license reference and credits from source code, and not just JQuery but every 3rd party sources. Does anybody here knows where and how to denounce this?
    Users to share on:September 17
  • Using jQuery Plugins for profit?
    If I use jQuery Plugins in my projects for profit, will I owe a/the jQuery Plugin developer a percentage of the profit? Liceses, MIT and GPL are a bit confusing to me hence im trying to get a better understanding of them. Thanks in advance!
    Users to share on:July 3
  • Animated GIF Flash alternative
    Hi! I have been creating animated gifs with flash till now, but since here is HTML5, I don't need flash anymore. But any other program I try (yes, I tried google) want to make me to draw every damn frame one by one, and can't do a simple movement or
    Users to share on:July 29
  • An Opensource Dreamweaver Alternative, Aptana.
    Recently I was at work and I needed to do some css stuff and I did most of it in notepad because the current machine I was on didnt have dreamweaver(and yes it isnt necessary) and so rather than wait for someone to find a copy of dreamweaver and its
    Users to share on:July 30
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