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  • change html on a click: first click works, second click doesn't.
    I'm very new to jQuery. I thought I understood the very basics, but in the following implementation only the first click actually changes the html...the second click does not change the html, but each click does properly show/hide the div. In other w
    Users to share on:November 15
  • (Noob) Difference between html and text function?
    This can be a very noob question because I have just started usgin jquery. Ok i know the general difference between html and text function.One is used to get/set html and the other for text. But i want to know why do they show the following behaviour
    Users to share on:July 13
  • Writing a javascript function to act in the same manner as if a html link had been clicked
    Hi Guys, just wondering if someone can help me write a function? I have a flash button in my application and I wish to call a javascript function from flash (which I know how to do) that acts in the same way as this html link would if it was clicked
    Users to share on:October 9
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