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  • Linked combobox
    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to link two widgets combobox. I 'm stuck in the step where I need to filter the second combobox. option values. Any help would be awesome. Best regard.
    Users to share on:September 29
  • How LinkedIn can increase your website traffic?
    What are the benefits of using LinkedIn for business? How can I get traffic from this social networking website? --------------Solutions------------- It is one more site on which you can promote your business. If your corporate profile includes the k
    Users to share on:November 8
  • How to save a string input as a double linked list in dynamic memory in C++
    Hello, How can I save a string input as a double linked list in dynamic memory in C++? Thanks in advance --------------Solutions------------- What have you tried so far? I have tried to make the input string as an array. But the project I am working
    Users to share on:July 2
  • Max Depth & Average lookup
    Creating a program to read a text file full of words in alphabetical order. I then have to read it into a Linked List. The linked list should output total number of words, which I have managed to do. After this it needs to calculate the min and max d
    Users to share on:June 15
  • VC++.NET Linked List
    Hi, I am trying to create an automated trading system and am fetching data from an API (interactive brokers) API. I need to store 30 nodes of tick data( Tick is a reference type struct I have created) and store it in a linked list. When i start the s
    Users to share on:April 28
  • Reading a part of the linked list's contents.
    Hello Guys, I have implemented a linked list. And my output looks something like dis: ************************************************* The elements in the list : address is = 163196952 ADOC1100250100000119666 address is = 163196968 ADOC1100250100000
    Users to share on:April 12
  • Maze Project
    Hello I am working on a project for my roommate that involves reading in a text file that has x's and o's. The x's mean a wall and the o's mean an open path. The maze begins at 0,0 and ends at 15, 15. This makes the graph 15x15. I was thinking about
    Users to share on:April 3
  • Freeing memory causing Windows to trigger a breakpoint?
    Hi all! So our T.A. gave us a function to use in our programming assignment as follows: struct node *delete_from_list(struct node *list, int examnum) { struct node *cur, *prev; for (cur = list, prev = NULL; cur != NULL && cur->examNumber != exa
    Users to share on:March 30
  • attempt to destruct linked list which has already been destructed in sub fuction
    Hi, My program keeps coming up with an Access Violation after I moved the code manipulating my linked list from the main function to a sub function. Looking at it with the debugger, I found that the sub function destructs the linked list, and then th
    Users to share on:March 24
  • linked list and strings. please help.
    This is the program i'm trying to develop. It's not an assignment or anything. I'm just a newbie trying out new stuff. But I'm getting frustrated with this. #include <iostream> using namespace std; //========== struct ========== struct nodeType { st
    Users to share on:March 23
  • Connecting link lists
    Hello, I want to make a linked list program consisting of one main link, and each main links have sub link. Main 1 -> Main 2 -> Main 3 -> ... -> Main N -> NULL | | | | Sub 1-1 Sub 2-1 ... ... | | Sub 1-2 Sub 2-2 | | ... ... I have two struc
    Users to share on:March 20
  • printing a structure in a function by calling it from another structure
    struct Employee { /* Employee details */ char name[MAX_NAME_LENGTH+1]; /* name string */ char sex; /* sex identifier, either 'M' or 'F' */ int age; /* age */ char job[MAX_JOB_LENGTH+1]; /* job string */ struct Employee *prev, *next; }; static void me
    Users to share on:March 14
  • linked list unwanted list duplication
    Hello everyone I have been trying to learn the greater mysteries of linked lists and have come across an error that is inexplicable to me at my current level of understanding. I have written a program that attempts to form a linked list to store stud
    Users to share on:March 12
  • sort/compare two linedLists
    How do i compare two linkedLists so that the onutcome is a sorted linked list from least to greates. Heres my code so far. list1.txt 1 2 3 7 9 10 13 list2.txt 4 5 6 8 11 12 14 how do i compare the two and make it into a third sorted linked list? impo
    Users to share on:March 9
  • File IO and linked lists
    how do i read in files from a ".txt" file into a linked list heres my code. import java.io.*; public class LinkedList1 { class Node { String element; // list element Node next; // successor link Node(String el, Node n) { element = el; next = n;
    Users to share on:March 3
  • Help with student database using linked list
    I have been asked to create a student database using linked list. this is the question given to me. Write a C/C++ program to perform the task of maintaining student information for 123 College. You are to use a linked-list for storing the students' i
    Users to share on:January 27
  • [linked lists] Initialization doubly linked lists
    Good morning coders !, I stumbled accross an initialization this morning and even though I get it , it's not 100%. I'll simplify it this way: I have an array declaration: uint8_t MyArray[MAX_SIZE] I have a linked list structure: struct MyLL{ struct M
    Users to share on:November 29
  • starting out with a linked list
    Hey, I am currently following a code skeleton to implement the missing code for some function. Below is only some part of the implementation I've done so far. Yes it is not much yet... I got stuck for the implementation of the list_add() function. Wh
    Users to share on:November 26
  • Simple Linked List with user input
    I am very much a beginner and trying to create a linked list, asking the "user" to input 5 or 6 values. My problem is that I don't know the correct terminology or how to store the user's input so that I can create my pointer to the next value an
    Users to share on:October 14
  • How to recursively find a value in a linked list
    Hi I have a method that has a reference to a linked list and an int that is the value. I want to recursively call that value to count and return how often that value is in the linked list. So, here is what I got: public static int find(LinkedNode x,
    Users to share on:October 10
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