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  • BUG: jQuery UI 1.8a1 Datepicker & Masked Input 1.2.2
    I am using Josh Bush's (digitalbush.com) masked input plugin in combination with jQuery UI's datepicker widget. It was working fine with jQuery UI 1.7 but now that I've tried the dev release (1.8a1) I'm seeing some strange behaviour. The code: $(".da
    Users to share on:January 5
  • jQuery Validation Plugin and Masked Input plugin compatibility problem(?)
    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone else on the forums has solved this problem because I can't quite figure it out.  I'm using the jQuery Validation Plugin v1.7 by Jörn Zaefferer, (bassistance.de)  in conjunction with the Masked Input Plugin v1.2.2 by Josh
    Users to share on:October 23
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