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  • Assembler 64 bit masm palindrome program, help with cmp
    SO guys I am supposed to be making a program that will check for a palindrome but, I can not get my code to work. It seems to be stuck on the cmp part. I am not sure if this is even right I dont have much experience with masm. Any help would much be
    Users to share on:October 22
  • Array in Assembly
    Hello all, I am having some trouble with my assembly code...still kind of new, but here it goes... The assignment is to desing an assembly program that uses a dialog box to prompt the user for a number. These numbers will be stored in an array. There
    Users to share on:March 26
    I am a beginner in learning assembly language. I wanted to know which assembler would be best to use between NASM and MASM in today's context. Also, can you give a link to documentation on these assemblers?And tutorial specific for these assembler (a
    Users to share on:March 7
  • ASM - Sum of numbers
    I am having some problems with my "sum of numbers program," and cannot figure out why I am not getting the correct answers. This is my first Assembly programming class, so take it easy on me, please. The assignment is: Prompt a user for an integ
    Users to share on:February 29
  • count smaller in assembly language MASM615
    good morning \ afternoon \ evening i need a help in the assebly code ,, my brain about to explore !! so here's the Q: this program reads an array of integers and an integer number .the program then checks if there are any numbers in the array smaller
    Users to share on:December 18
  • Use MASM611 with Notepad++
    You can use and assemble with MASM611 very easily in Notepad++. Ihave find a very nice customization of Notepad++ on a blog. You can find it at http://easymasm.blogspot.com/ --------------Solutions------------- I prefer just to use notepad to open .a
    Users to share on:November 23
  • Looking for help on masm file create/write
    I am in an assembly class and we are now working on using files. Part of the assignment is to make a file and write an array full of values into it. I have been working on this assignment for some time and I am stuck on the file portion. Our course m
    Users to share on:November 8
  • Sudoku *Checker* in MASM
    Hi guys/girls. I have a program due soon for my assembly class. My teacher expects us to bruteforce through this program, but I'm wondering if theres any other way. Here's my code basically, edx is the pointer to the value located at a position on a
    Users to share on:October 12
  • Help with some MASM memory addressing syntax
    Hello, I'm new to assembly and am finding myself porting someone's MASM old code to C++ for portable smartphone architectures. There's a syntax on the memory addressing I'm having trouble interpreting. Can anyone help me understand what's going on? I
    Users to share on:June 20
  • ReadFile(One Line)
    Hi! Could you tell me what did I do wrong in the code bellow? I try to read one line from a file, but it shows on the screen only unknown characters(different from the characters I have in the file). GetLine Proc Hand:HANDLE, pBuf:DWord Local Len:DWo
    Users to share on:May 9
  • Problems with printing
    I'm actually trying to write a simple program which takes in a string and send it to printer to print. But i'm having a problem with testing it, because the signal assembly language sending is to a parallel port, but there are only usb port printers
    Users to share on:May 2
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