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  • Modernizr to detect if values of properties are supported
    Hi all Im new using Modernizr and was wondering in what way can I detect if specific values of properties are supported in a browser. For example I use Modernizr.testProp('listStyleType') to check if the property list-style-type is supported, but how
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  • Getting an elements attribute RIGHT
    I'm developing a plugin that tries to simulate validation of HTML5 form fields (number, email, color, etc...) in browsers that still don't support them, including Firefox, but I have a problem getting an element's real attributes. Say you have someth
    Users to share on:March 1
  • Modernizr + jQuery effect (In wordpress theme)
    I have template with html5 and modernizr, but i have jquery effect problem. I need to make sweet fadeIn <-> fadeOut on page reload. I made simple function, but it is not always good in time - sometimes container is still reloading after fadeIn, i ne
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  • Is mobile device detection and redirection a feature built into JQuery Mobile?
    Hi everyone, If you visit any of the sites in the JQuery Mobile Gallery (jQMGallery.com) such as stanford.edu, takemefishing.org etc from a mobile phone, then you are redirected to the mobile version of their site e.g. m.stanford.edu. Does anyone kno
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  • Using the resize event with modernizr.mq
    I'm trying to activate a resize event on the following function: $(function() { if (Modernizr.mq('only screen and (min-width: 1140px)')) { $('div#ss1').html('<div>[snip]</div>'); $('div#ss1').append('<div><gcse:searchbox-only></
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  • Jquery Validate showing error on page load in IE9
    Hi I'm using Jquery Validate on a form (validating the email address field) and it works perfectly fine in all browsers but it's not working as expected in IE9 (and possibly 8/7). I've used a Placeholder on the email field ("enter your email address&
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