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  • Unable to build a simple program in MonoDevelop
    Hey there community. So I installed the latest version of MonoDevelop (on Arch Linux), and I wrote a "hello word" program to test if it installed alright. Building it, MonoDevelop says it builds successfully. However if i try to run it (with and
    Users to share on:April 6
  • char ch3 = '\u00c6' is not recognised, why not?
    Hi, I have the problem that a char ch2 = '\u0041' is confirmed as a character and also printed as "A", but the char ch3 = '\u00c6' , which is also confirmed as a character, is not printed only as a "?" where it is supposed to be a &quo
    Users to share on:January 8
  • Monodevelop and Linux libraries
    I have been working with Monodevelop's C# on Linux. Pretty incredible. If you stick within the .net framework it seems to be really pretty complete. However, what if you wanted to call a native Linux function from a Linux library (eg using native Lin
    Users to share on:September 18
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