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  • A post-ajax event similar to the $(window).load() event?
    It'd be nice if, after updating the DOM (or the page's html) that the $(window).load() event would fire again once all new resources have been loaded (downloaded?). Old ways: The entire page refreshes to show new content and the $(window).load() even
    Users to share on:August 22
  • Problems with onload changing the same selector
    Hello, I have less experience with jQuery, and now having some problems, I hope someone can help with this simple code. The purpose is to get 3 selectors updated with their corresponding values (retrieved from database), so that they can be modified
    Users to share on:May 20
  • Superfish - active page open with a vertical menu?
    Hi everyone, I've been trying to get my vertical navigation to load with the subsection of the current page expanded. I'm sure that this should be trivial, but I've been trying various approaches for nearly two hours now and am getting nowhere. Thing
    Users to share on:March 8
  • Don't know how to return variables within onload function
    Any idea on how to return the variables in bold? preload: function(source) { var proto = new Image() var w,h; proto.onload = function() { w = proto.width; h = proto.height;        delete proto; return {width:w,height:h} } proto.src = source; } ------
    Users to share on:February 20
  • I would like the pop up tooltips to show on page load and not on user clicks. How can I do it?
    I would like to show the pop up tooltips on this code when the page loads rather than when the user clicks. It probably is hard to do. I already tried adding a jquery document ready script in the head content but I'm assuming I would have to add more
    Users to share on:October 10
  • post processing html returned from an ajax call
    i'm dynamically filling a div with an ajax call like so : $j.ajax({                     'async':false,                     'url':'<?php bloginfo(template_directory); ?>/work-ajax.php',                     'success':function (data)                   
    Users to share on:October 10
  • Using jquery document.ready() on img onload event
    Hi all, I have the following need: I want to call a js each time an image is loaded on the page but I also need that the DOM of the page is completely loaded before the js runs. I wrote the following 'dummy' example and I would like to know if it can
    Users to share on:September 14
  • How can I check if a all images in gallery is loaded?
    How can I check if a all images in gallery is loaded? when all images are loaded fully then only starts sliding of the gallery. plz suggets. $(function () { $("img").load(function(){   alert("Image loaded."); $('#main-photo-slider').co
    Users to share on:September 13
  • Dialog pop-up on page load?
    Hey, I'm an intern at programming corporation, writing a web application with jQuery Mobile. I'm quite new to jQuery Mobile, so wondering how to make a dialog pop-up on page load. For instance, as user enters the web page, Terms of Use -dialog would
    Users to share on:September 2
  • Activating a Modal for non registered users onLoad and onClick
    Hi guys I am using Wordpress, and have a members only lockdown for 95% of the site, but the homepage is viewable to all. The homepage however has links, which link through to articles etc for members only, and a few other links which I would like any
    Users to share on:August 27
  • live('load',...) doesn't work on images added dynamically to DOM
    Hi, I want to be able to execute some callback when images are being added to the DOM dynamically. It's worth mentioning that the images are being brought into the DOM with ajax calls on a third party widget, so I can't hook up to any events of the a
    Users to share on:August 23
  • document ready and body onload on the same page
    I read in the jQuery documentation that: The .ready() method is generally incompatible with the body onload attribute. If load must be used, either do not use .ready() or use jQuery's .load() method to attach load event handlers to the window or to m
    Users to share on:July 31
  • Best practice for fading-in an image?
    Hi, I have a photo blog (http://www.the-ninth.com) and want to create an effect that fades-in the displayed picture when the page is loaded. An important requirement for me would be that the page also has to work without Javascript. Currently I am us
    Users to share on:May 19
  • code doesn't work in FireFox?
    Hi, So far I've been using this code: <body OnLoad="javascript:document.getElementById('f').submit();"> to retrieve user information when loading a page. It has been working fine in IE for years, but now I also need it to work in FireFox.
    Users to share on:May 13
  • Php on load function..?
    I'm using the following code, the problem is on each page load the token should generate random string, the string is generating in localStorage but when im using php code there is only one constant string which isn't changing. $(window).load(functio
    Users to share on:April 28
  • iframe onload in webkit browser
    Hello there, I have prepared this jsfiddle test http://jsfiddle.net/dujdV/5/ which works in Firefox but not in Chrome. Any idea? Regards, Aamir --------------Solutions------------- I just tested in the latest version fo Chrome and it worked fine. Hi
    Users to share on:March 19
  • Issue with Physical vs Virtual Click event
    I have this issue in two places now, so i figured i would ask and see if anyone has the same issues... So on a page i might have a button or link with both a href and an onclick event. When the user Physically clicks the link it behaves how i would e
    Users to share on:February 27
  • .load(callback) event is not fired on dynamically loaded content
    I'm trying to load dynamically some content and I'd like to fire a function when all the newly added content (including images, iframes and scripts in it) are loaded: var htmlStr='html string including images, iframes and scripts'; $("#contents"
    Users to share on:January 14
  • Page init method not loading
    Hi, I'm new to jquery and ajax and am having some problems getting my page load scripts to work after my first page.  Currently I am playing with jQuery mobile, but this problem is probably more basic than that. I've tried multiple styles of onload a
    Users to share on:July 10
  • Fade In Problem
    I am not much of a coder - more of a code lifter, so, I ask for your patience and forgiveness... I am using the jquery library to do a simple fade in of an image when the page loads: <script type="text/javascript">     $(document).ready(fu
    Users to share on:May 19
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