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  • JQGrid not following OpenID redirect
    Hey all, I have a Ruby on Rails app that's using JQGrids in many of its pages. It uses OpenID authentication through Google via the ruby-openid gem and Seth Ladd's directions. That's not the problem -- it appears to be working just hunky-dory. The pr
    Users to share on:June 26
  • Login Social Media APIs with PHP/JavaScript vs OpenID
    I have been working with the Facebook API to have my visitors login my website with the Fb API a while back. It uses oauth2. However, since i am planning to build a login possibility for multiple socialmedia networks do I wonder if OpenID is an optio
    Users to share on:December 23
  • OpenID, Login via Twitter etc
    Has anybody here had any experience of using OpenID (or FB, Twitter, Yahoo etc) to login into your site. I've been wondering whether I should adopt this approach for a new project. However, as a password will not be stored in my DB, how will the user
    Users to share on:January 22
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