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  • wordpress permalink 404 error.. I did everything I could
    Hi, I have installed wordpress several times before but I could not fix 404 error on my permalink this time. :S I tried everything I could search to fix it but I still need some help! Environment: Ubuntu 14.04 My wordpress files are located in a virt
    Users to share on:August 26
  • Recommendation for popin window that has hashtag permalinking capabilities
    Anyone have a recommendation for a pop-in window plugin that has # hashtag permalinking capabilities?
    Users to share on:December 3
  • Wrong URLs being indexed
    We have permalinks for each individual post in the forum in the format /posts/jump/123. These URLs do a 301 redirect to the post in the full article, such as /full-article-url#post123. The landing pages have canonical URLs set to the full article URL
    Users to share on:April 2
  • Help with duplicate issue
    Hello there.... in my photography blog I just changed my permalink in WP to a more structured solution that better cover and describe the variety of pictures and images displayed. So i moved from... mysite.net/blog/yangon-photos/ to... mysite.net/blo
    Users to share on:February 23
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