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  • Pre-loading images with style
    --2011-07-01-- Added feature to use rel attribute with path and leaving src empty for a small performance gain at the page startup. relase 0.9, 0.9.min with sample files version too --2011-04-05-- Added zip with sample html Added project to plugins p
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  • Input box change() preloader
    Hello, I have a suggestbox on my site, but i don't now how can add a preloader with a delay of  2 seconds when i add/remove a character in the input-box on my site? http://www.vazodo.com/ The CSS for the preloader: .load{ background-image:url(loader.
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  • Preloader: How to make an element change style during preload
    Hello everybody, so I got my preloader working and counting up until 100%. My full preloader.js can be found here: http://mc-communicate.com/preloader.js I call the preloader on my front-page.js:  var _pContainer = $('<div id="coll-preloader"
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  • flash games/files preloader
    hello, I'm searching an jquery flash preloader, on google I have found this http://www.istanto.net/jquery/ but this preloader have some problems ... in that 15 seconds, it doesn't load the flash ... you must to wait 15 sec to see the ad, then you wai
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