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  • Response we should not make, to questions they should not ask
    that question is so ... things we perhaps should not post in a reply "You personify the zero end of every 0-10 scale" "We have never seen that point on the zero-bullshit scale before" "right down the bottom end of the forethought
    Users to share on:December 28
  • Looking for Answers for the following Analtyics Questions
    Hi DaniWeb Analytics Champs, Can anyone thr give me the correct answers of the following questions... --------------Solutions------------- Hi, I need to import a video file into an audio editor called Steinberg Nuenbdo. (on daily basis). In Nuendo, b
    Users to share on:April 6
  • Question regarding a Tutorial from jQuery Missing Manual
    This is with regard to the Quiz tutorial. The script goes like this, <script> var score=0; var questions = [ ['How many moons does Earth have?', 1], ['How many moons does Saturn have?',31], ['How many moons does Venus have?', 0] ]; function askQuest
    Users to share on:February 9
  • jquery waypoints problem
    I'm having trouble with the jquery waypoints plugin:  http://imakewebthings.com/jquery-waypoints/ Whenever I attempt to use this in internet explorer I get an error for my code that only occurs in the IE browser: Line: 65 Error: Object doesn't suppor
    Users to share on:January 2
  • new to jquery & help needed - first script works only in chrome! not safari and not firefox
    hi all, i am new to jquery and this forum. i hope this is the right forum to post as i don't want to post on multiple forums to confuse people. i am working on a few scripts (basically putting together examples i've learned in javascript: the missing
    Users to share on:December 21
  • Can someone help walk me through a learning exercise I've chosen to help me learn jquery?
    I found a neat app online ( potionapp.com ) that uses jQuery (and apparently PHP?) to create a "potion finder". The 'potion finder' is for a video game that came out in 2011 called Skyrim. In the game you can make potions out of some 30+ differe
    Users to share on:December 2
  • jqueryui grid
    The upcoming jquerui grid seems to be the right thing for me. All links to the grid do not work, but it seems to me that the upcoming grid will be based on the jsrender, jsobservable and jsviews plugins from boris moore. Which way should I choose to
    Users to share on:July 7
  • creating an email client questions
    I'm not sure where to ask this question, as I am not sure what the project consists of. Basicaly I'm intersted in making my own email client using web technologies, and I'm unsure as to what this entails, what technologies I would require, and where
    Users to share on:June 26
  • noob questions on jquery.
    I am really interested in web development and i recently got an assignment from school. i am quite new to this world of client-side scripting. 1. can jquery be an alternative for flash? 2. is it possible to reconstruct this http://kukuklok.com/ flash
    Users to share on:March 1
  • Need some books about JQM
    Guys pleas i wanna read some books about JQM , but i can't find any about it. Official API Doc is still awfull so i can't use it (or maybe i'm wrong) Nevertheless if u got some books or know where find them please write. At wors't load it at trackers
    Users to share on:January 1
  • Nested Look ups
    I need to selected all the "Last One" rows. I have tried :nth-child, :last, .siblings().. etc.. im at a total lost here. Can anyone shed some light on how to do this ? <div class="container">     <div class="row">
    Users to share on:December 4
  • How to get international visits
    How my website can get more international visits, as now i am getting only 5% international traffics to my website apdtrade --------------Solutions------------- hello frnd.. this can be done by putting content that is the need of international areas.
    Users to share on:September 19
  • Dialog and datepicker questions
    I created a dialog which has 3 text fields. I added a datepicker to one of them. On submit I'm trying to post the data in the fields to a web service. The first time you fire up the dialog, I'm running into two problems. One, the values I'm getting f
    Users to share on:March 17
  • Pinterest and SEO question
    I was reading about this Pinterest social media assimilator thingy and it somehow through links adds value to web pages. So I wanted to check it out and opened up an account. I can't figure out what it wants me to do with creating a board and such. A
    Users to share on:February 11
  • Questions pertaining to importance of writing among IT professionals
    hi all, I guess my first thread here, and I am on with some questions too. Actually I am doing an article on importance of writing among IT professionals. So what better place than Daniweb to ask it. In order to form such an article I will need your
    Users to share on:August 25
  • What is the difference between .NET 1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5 and 4.0 ?
    Can please any one help in understanding the difference between .NET 1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5 and 4.0 ? --------------Solutions------------- The list of differences are huge. In interviews you normally need to short and sweet. So we will list down top 5 diffe
    Users to share on:February 11
  • Matt Cutts is answering questions
    Guys if you have a questions about SEO or Search Engine and Looking for the Best answer you can ask Matt Cutts the best source online to get your questions answered. Even though you may not have any question but you can see questions asked by other p
    Users to share on:December 8
  • Trouble with strings in classes
    Is it possible to use a string with classes? Even if you are using a class specification file and implementation file? I need to have 3 member variables that need to store a string. Or is an array of characters a better fit when it comes to classes?
    Users to share on:September 17
  • Array; Please Explain This code ...............
    #include <stdio.h> #include<ctype.h> main() { int c,nletters[26],i; for (i = 0; i < 26; ++i) nletters[i] = 0; while ((c = getchar()) !='!') { if(isupper(c)) c=tolower(c); ++nletters[c - 'a']; } for (i = 0; i < 26; ++i) { c = 'a' + i; if(
    Users to share on:August 11
  • Best ebook on Pointers
    Hey respected users and developers, I am a newbie to this pool of c... I am just 14 yrs old.. Plz send me free link to plearn pointers in c.. i hav downloaded many books but all of tem are useless.. The language used in the book is so difficult tat i
    Users to share on:February 26
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