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  • Simulate right mouse click with left mouse click???
    Hi, I've got a problem. I've to simulate right mouse click with left mouse click only in a specified class. I thought that I've to do something like this: $('.my_class').click(function(){       $(this).trigger( /* right click */ ); }); I've to replac
    Users to share on:September 5
  • using left and rightclick, browser contextual menu
    Hi all, I have an anchor I've bound a click event to. When you click it, it checks with "which" wether it was the left or the right mousebutton you clicked. That's all good but on a right click I also get the browsers contextual menu. Is there a
    Users to share on:April 13
  • jQuery ContextMenu on right click
    Hi guys, I know there are a couple jQuery plugins for a custom Context Menu, but I was wondering if it is possible to keep the default Context Menu and just add an option? Please let me know! Thanks! --------------Solutions------------- No. Wouldn't
    Users to share on:February 22
  • Disable right click on textbox
    Hi All, Here i want to disable right click on textbox. Please help me to do this. Best Regards Neji --------------Solutions------------- Use API calls. Use API calls. What kind of API.. Please help. Thank you 1 Module, 1 textbox In Module : Option Ex
    Users to share on:January 31
  • Win7 Explorer.exe Crashes on Right-click
    Hello; I got some kind of infection or something last week, which caused my virus software not to update, and finally my computer to totally crash and would not reboot. I successfully recovered my system from an image (it was one level up of messy fr
    Users to share on:July 27
  • [Swing] Manage combo box items with pop-up menu
    I have a complex UI with little screen real estate, so I'm trying to allow users to manage contents of a combo box using a right-click context menu. But I'm having trouble getting the combo box's drop down list to appear at the same time as the pop-u
    Users to share on:September 22
  • Right click IDLE
    I have had python2.6 for a while and have un0installed and re-installed it several times. Now when I right click on some source code the option to open with the IDLE is gone. I have tried "open with" but that doesn't work either. I'm on Windows
    Users to share on:March 6
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