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  • tic tac toe in powershell
    I am trying to get in the habit of practicing coding on daily basis. I decided to try do do tic tac toe in powershell. This took my a rediculous amount of hours to finsh. I am glad to be done. Nest projec will be something more useful like automating
    Users to share on:August 4
  • Calling mehods from another class
    I have one class called Class1.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace static2 { public class Automobile { public static int NumberOfWheels = 4; public static in
    Users to share on:February 18
  • Python gui advice for a snippet saver
    Hy I would like to know what python gui framework, I can use that will be compatible cross platform and will help me create my snippet saver, that will be relational database, with categories for each language. I thought I can use kivy to create my g
    Users to share on:December 6
  • What is Rich Snippet and Link prospectus?
    What is Rich Snippet and Link prospectus? --------------Solutions------------- What is Rich Snippet and Link prospectus? You can read more about it here: http://dashburst.com/google-search-what-are-rich-snippets/ Not too sure what is a link prospectu
    Users to share on:July 10
  • jquery snippet code to add in php page
    Hello guys, can you help me about jquery? I've this js: (function($, window, document, undefined) { 'use strict'; var gridContainer = $('.grid-items'), filtersContainer = $('.portfolio-filters'), wrap, filtersCallback; /******************************
    Users to share on:April 7
  • How do i know what script running in element
    title say it, long version: my blog using template which contain script for shorting post content (summary), im trying to edit one by one script to increase summary length on my blog but nothing change. I found almost similar script that contain 'sum
    Users to share on:March 10
  • LAST DAYS TO VOTE for winner of the competition!
    Here are instructions for voting for winner of the code snippet competition! http://www.daniweb.com/community-center/threads/429756/code-snippet-contest-...-cast-your-vote --------------Solutions------------- Pretty lame stuff, hard to vote for anyth
    Users to share on:August 1
  • Code Snippet Contest ... CAST YOUR VOTE!
    Cast your vote in the Summer 2012 Code Snippet Contest :) http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CodeContest --------------Solutions------------- @Dani Nice lists? How many can I vote? I can't read other languages beside php? That is alot of code snippets fro
    Users to share on:July 31
  • Continuation post on previous Code Snippet
    What is prefered version on handling 'serialized' code snippets, with features added to previous post? I have posted a polynomial expression snippet to which I could not include the division part because original poster whose thread inspired me to st
    Users to share on:June 24
  • ONLY SOME HOURS left to participate in DaniWeb Code Snippet Contest
    Do not miss http://www.daniweb.com/community-center/geeks-lounge/threads/424660/code-snippet-contest --------------Solutions------------- The C languages rule on DaniWeb. This will be a tough contest. Yes, WPF. The learning curve is steep, but what a
    Users to share on:June 2
  • Code Snippet Contest
    Hey everyone, We haven't done a good contest here on DaniWeb for quite some time, so I'd like to start one up again :) Throughout the months of June and July, I'd like to encourage members to submit fully working code snippets to our library. Through
    Users to share on:May 31
  • YASM assembly code snippets
    Here you can share assembly code snippets for the YASM assembler and you can also help people with their YASM assembly programming and share 32-bit apps. :) I also have a problem when I do this (It is supposed to generate a very simple hello in the c
    Users to share on:May 14
  • Textfile python brick snippet
    Hi, so I am trying to create a text file, that holds coordinates of bricks for the game brick breaker. I have a the textfile labeled as level1, and the coordinates are -5,9,0 -4,9,0 -3,9,0 now I am having trouble with getting python to open the file,
    Users to share on:December 11
  • Python Brick Game
    Hi, I am trying to make a brick breaker game, but I am stuck. i need help moving the panel, and getting the ball to bounce off of bricks upon collision and erase the bricks. Also I wanted to create two lists, one that contains coordinates, the second
    Users to share on:December 10
  • How to use google snippets?
    I have seen lots of websites that use Google Snippets to attract the users. What is the correct way to use them and in which part of website these are applied? --------------Solutions------------- Hi, Days are gone when Google used to pick your web p
    Users to share on:October 20
  • Member profile - code snippet suggestion
    Hi all, I have a suggestion (not sure if it has already been discussed). In the profile, at the community tab, we have, for example, Code Snippets: 10 If this number 10 is made a href linking to all the code snippets posted by that particular user, i
    Users to share on:October 5
  • PHP Contact Form Email and XML
    Would anyone be able to provide pointers / comments on this object-oriented PHP program? You can take a look at it on http://github.com/codejoust/PHPContactForm/ It's still a work in progress. --------------Solutions------------- When a user enters t
    Users to share on:September 5
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