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  • htaccess redirects to salvage old links
    I'm in need of some htaccess syntax. I recently migrated a drupal 6 site to a drupal 7 site. The original site was located in a subdirectory, foo.foobar.com I now have several hundred links in such places as Facebook etc linking to this domain. I hav
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  • Newbie question here
    Hi Guys, How's your day? I would like to ask, since I'm a beginner in vb .net, I can't figure this out. Here's the scenario: I have a folder with lots of folders inside and inside those folders are .tif files. I want to create a program that will ren
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  • I have a doubt to create sub-domain or sub-directory which is better as per SEO.
    Hi All, I have a doubt on what to create weather sub-domain or sub-directory as per SEO-search engine optimization.How can sitemap has impact i mean which is better sub-domain or sub-directory. Thanks, Sudheer --------------Solutions------------- I p
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  • subdomain sub-subdomain with cname to sub directory
    Hey there My issue is the following: I have a windows-based xampp-apache server with which I would like to make sub-sub domain redirects to subdirectory: I have a domain, for which on the cpanel I've made an A-record to my IP address: The sub domain
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  • Makefile with multiple directories
    Hi, I am a total newbie when it comes to makefiles and now I'm in a need of one. I have a directory structure as follows: Project_root/Makefile Project_root/src/ Project_root/src/widgets/ Project_root/include/ Project_root/include/widgets/ Each direc
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