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  • synchronized statement on integer question
    One thread increases an integer named "counter" , and another decreases the same integer. Using synchronized statement on LockObject to control access to counter. If i understand correctly i have to use an Object reference. Can i use synchronize
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  • What is the best way to display multiple HTML5 videos in sync?
    I am filming a presentation using three cameras.  One is on the presentation screen, another is of the presenter, and yet another is of a person giving sign language translation. I would like to load all three videos on the same page (ideally just us
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  • Doubt with a Thread program.
    public class Thread8 implements Runnable { Demo d; public static void main(String r[]) { new Thread8().disp(); } void disp() { d = new Demo(); new Thread(new Thread8()).start(); new Thread(new Thread8()).start(); } public void run() { d.fun(Thread.cu
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