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  • Expression: (unsigned)(c+1) <=256 Error
    Hi! I have just started on c++ and have encountered Expression: (unsigned)(c+1) <=256 Error when I am trying to run the program. The program is suppose to generate an array of letters (lowercase and uppercase) of size from 15 to 25. After the generat
    Users to share on:February 23
  • C-Style Sting to Upper Case
    I have this Lab for a class that I am taking.. It works as it suppose to... The problem I am having is that if I enter more than 11 char it goes all crazy.. I don't want it to do that... #include <iostream> #include <cstring> using namespace s
    Users to share on:April 13
  • Trouble with disc drive?
    Evening all, I've seen a number of cases recently where the disc drive ceases to function (mainly in laptops for some reason), usually evident by the icon no longer being displayed within My Computer. Seems to be when someone either updates or instal
    Users to share on:October 16
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