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  • How to submit form using websocket
    I have form having input type file to upload image & other input fields. How to submit form using websocket ? $("#form").submit(function() { "use strict"; var formURL = $(this).attr("action"); var postData = new FormData(
    Users to share on:April 19
  • Real-Time Notification Update in PHP
    I want to implement a website that has different types of users. I want that when a user posts something, the admin will be notified automatically. I have read about WebSockets and found some examples but mostly of them are about chat application. I
    Users to share on:April 7
  • java for server side questions
    I am considering learning some server side stuff with java, however I am getting mixed views and opinions when searching. I read a benchmark that claims java has superior performance than most alternatives, and I was considering taking a look at griz
    Users to share on:May 11
  • html5 WebSockets
    Saw rarely information about this feature on the internet, either missing or non-working. I think it is best to implement into the already great jQuery. --------------Solutions------------- Most jQuery sites never use web sockets. It would never be i
    Users to share on:September 30
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