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  • Browser resize height div when you resize window
    resize height div ============ $(document).ready(function(){                      jQuery.event.add(window, 'load', resizeFrame);            jQuery.event.add(window, 'resize', resizeFrame); function resizeFrame(){                  alturaWindow = $(doc
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  • 3x4 grid help..?
    Hi all, What I'm trying is quite simple to explain, but it's eluding me, been knocking my head off it for hours. How can I divide a window up into a 3x4 grid that will always completely fill the screen and resize to it if the device is turned to land
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  • Problem with $(window).height();
    Hi, I had this code: var winH = $(window).height(); var winW = $(window).width(); and it was working fine with jquery v1.4.1 now when I moved to jquery v1.8.2 these lines stopped working. Did something change? as I can't figure out whats causing this
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