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Telnet to 2 routers at the same time

Software Development @ March 5, 2009   Views:0

I have been using python since the last few months. I am trying to telnet into one router and then telnet into another router from the first router. I know how to use telnetlib to telnet into a router but I have no clue on how I should proceed if I need to telnet into 2 routers at teh same time.

I am working on a Windows PC. I heard of a expect module but don't know what to do. Any suggestions will be really appreciated.



Ok, just to make sure I understand, you're running on computer A and can telnet to computer B. You want computer B to telnet to computer C?

Why not telnet from computer A to computer C directly?

If the above A -> B -> C scenario is what you're trying to do, you will need to 'convince' computer B to telnet to computer C. I suspect that you will either have to run the 'standard' telnet application on computer B, or run another program on computer B that achieves the same goal. If it was necessary, you could probably even 'create' a python file on computer B and run it to establish the connection to computer C. The options available to you could be limited by the access granted to your connection to computer B.

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