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THe CAps LOck Problem

Ubuntu @ March 2, 2011   Views:0

HEllo everyone and HI!

I've been using Ubuntu since yesterday( ) and I am really liking it.

One thing thats holding me back, though is that the Caps Lock Delay problem is uber-annoying.You can see that in my post THere are words which have two letters Uppercased in the starting.I am not doing this deliberately(While sometimes I AM too lol).I've searched for it and found some threads like mine too.BUt everyone says "WEird.NEver heard of it".WHat can I do then?


I've installed Ubuntu on quite a few machines and never had that problem.
My first thought is to try another keyboard, unless you have a laptop.
Maybe you dribbled with excitement on the Caps Lock when you were installing
On a more serious note, try booting with the live CD and see if you have the same problem.

My question is why are you using caps lock instead of shift to upper case one letter?

Caps lock is intended to be used when you need to upper case multiple letters, while shift is intended to be used for one at a time.

@coldraven SEe? PEople always say that lol.JOking.ANyways, I've bought a new PC and it happened with my old PC too.ANd yeah it happens in LIve MODE too.......Its not only in 10.10 but in previous versions i used too

@jerome Cmon.I need a bit of personalization.I Am used to caps lock.I cant leave it.THats the essence of my formal typing speed...I am used to it....Or CAN YOU tELL ME of A way to make CApslock behave LIke the shift key

I get that may be your preference but they are one key away from each other, caps lock is two strokes to cap one letter, shift is one stroke to cap one letter.

That being said I see there are some options you can set for caps lock in System-Preferences-Keyboard-options.

Maybe setting caps lock to act as a shift key that locks instead will be more to your liking? Have a look at the options in there and give them a try.

Hey Guess what? The Shift key has the same problem!!

OMG...I made it..And my caps lock key is now shift key but I discover that I cant use It So I guess...Linux isnt for me...x(

Bump! Getting Sick of it! Please Anyone!!

Unfortunately, I don't know the exact sequence, but xmodmap should switch the keys for you.

I managed to make it actually.But then I am not familiar with Pressing the shift key and any button together lol.On Off is my case

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