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Ubuntu 10.10 skipping login screen

Ubuntu @ December 30, 2010   Views:0

Hi guys,

I've been using Ubuntu 10.10 for a couple of months and just recently it started skipping the login screen and not asking for my password. I can't figure out why. In the user and groups menu it is set to ask for password at login. Any body know what is going on here?



Have you tried toggling it to not ask, rebooting and then setting it back to ask and rebooting again. Maybe it just needs to be set again?

also check the settings in system>administration>login screen

I have tried the toggling the ask for password option. It didn't work and I don't see anything in the login screen menu. The only thing I did different was login as root in a shell using sudo -i.

This is really befuddling. It seems to have started out of no where.

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