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Unable to boot after latest kernal update

Ubuntu @ June 6, 2010   Views:0

I'm a linux newbie so be gentle please. I'm on Lucid Lynx

Last night, the update manager installed updates to the linux kernel header. I'm not exactly sure what that means but it was one of the more important updates as it required a reboot.

This morning, my machine would not boot. After getting past the loading screen, my laptop hangs on a black screen. It was working flawlessly before yesterday.

I can boot into recovery mode which appears identical to the regular mode, which works fine and is what I've been using. Also, I used a custom bootscreen, but it seems to have reverted to the default one that comes with the Lucid Lynx install.

Remember, I'm a newbie.


Have you tried booting with the old kernel ? In grub the latest kernel will be on top and then the previous . If it boots normally with the old kernel and you are using a proprietary graphics driver, remove the driver and try booting with the new kernel . If it boots reinstall the driver. If this is not the case I bump .

I had this issue with 9.10 and this worked for me.

Thanks, I'll have to try that. How do I tell if I have a proprietary graphics driver, and how would I remove it?

Update: I checked the hardware drivers utility. It says there are no proprietary drivers in use on my system.

I will bump to someone else, I thought it may be same problem I had . Does your computer boot normally with the old kernel ?

Update: I have tried booting with an earlier kernel version and I get the same problem. However, I can boot to recovery mode fine. Still, this is annoying because I have to login and then type "startx" in order to get a desktop.

Any ideas?

Are we allowed to bump threads? I'm still having this problem

Yes, guidelines say it is ok to bump every 24 hours (though 19 hours seems not too bad -I've seen much worse here without comment ) Sorry can't help out further though re your actual problem.

Got it: the new kernel update changed plymouth to use the default bootscreen Spincity or something like that. I changed it to another one (solar for those who care), and the system boots normally. It appears to be a problem with the boot skin itself, or maybe plymouth but everything is working now.

Can you please describe how you did this fix? I'm having the same problem! Thanks

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