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upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04

Ubuntu @ September 28, 2009   Views:0

I am interested in upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04 via the network (update manager), but have no way currently to back up my system. I do have my home folder on a separate partition. is there any chance of the upgrade effecting my home partition?


By default you dont have a serparte home folder, generally upgrade is safe (ish), but it better to do a clean install of 9.04,
how much data do you have to back up?

I thought about the clean install, but was unsure how it works now that I am on separate partitions. when the live CD gets to the issue of partitioning how should I proceed?

I'm not an expert, but you should be able to select the separate partition as your /home and the other main partition as / (root) or everything else.The upgrade itself doesn't touch the home partition. But some of the upgraded programs may upgrade their data in your home when you start them.

I already have partitions which I would like to keep as they are. I believe I only want to install on the root partition but am not sure how to do that.

When you get to the point in the install, select manual and then indicate which partitions you want mounted for each (root partition for /root, home partition for /home etc.) If you want to keep your current home partition just make sure you do NOT select format on it.

so I borrowed a flash drive to back up my critical documents and decided to run the network update. it worked flawlessly. thanks to all who gave their advice.

good thing you finally upgraded to 9.04. At the end of this month when 9.10 is released, you can easily upgrade to that as well using the same method.

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