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VMWare Unable to start services?

Ubuntu @ February 17, 2010   Views:0

First I'd like to say I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux so I'm still learning here.
I recently switched to Ubuntu and the only Windows software I need Ubuntu to run (Eve Online) doesn't seem to run very well in Wine, crashing along the way.
Somebody suggested running VMWare instead.

I've followed the instructions here to install VMWare Player 3.0.1 and the installation seems to have gone succesfully with the graphical installer, leaving a "VMWare Player" button in my "System Tools".
When I press this button I get a message that VMWare Player needs to be compiled and loaded into the running kernel and I press the "Install" button after which I get the "VMWare Kernel Module Updater".
I get a green tick mark at the compiling of all the parts except "Virtual Network Device", which gets an exclamation triangle, and then it fails to start VMWare services.

The error reads "Unable to start services. See log file /tmp/vmware-root/setup-6652.log for details".
Now at this point I wished I could show you all what is in that log, but I went to the location that is indicated (yes.... hidden files is switched on) and there is absolutely nothing there!

edit: oh, and if I press the "Okay" button it goes right back to the first "Several modules must be compiles" install message.

Does anybody have any ideas at this point?



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