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Web Project and Source Code ownership

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if u are contracting a project to develop an e-commerce website for a client, do you allow your clients to view the source code and modify the application once full payment has been paid to u?

I was thinking about restricting my client's access to the server and hosting control panel so that I'll be the one that manage their website. I dont want em to see my source code and probably use it without my permission on other similar projects.
Is this even an important issues?


Ive heard this time and time again not just in this forum.

Basically at the end of the day you should write a contract which gets signed by your client stating what you will be doing get them to sign it if they are not happy after they have signed it, you must think of something which should be stated in the contract.

However when i do work, emphasis on when i usually just give them the source code.

I would normally go with an Open Source license, when I do work
They may still have to come to you for help if they encounter problems or want to add features, and there a new contract could be made.
Of course, this is assuming that they dont require a contract where they own all the rights to the source code.

Conversely, it would also be possible to use something like Zend Encoder.

so, source code isnt the important issue when u do work?

may be I was not born with that Open Source mind, so, it's kinda hard to just let the source code go (well, i realize that mine isnt the most sophisticated scripts in the world.)

Zend encoder seems to be a solution (which I have also thought about), but I'm really eager to know how u guys usually deal wif this. Probably the question is: to be open source or not? and why?

But that comes down to if your clients host has Zend Optimizer installed which means your limiting yourself not as many have it installed as we may think.

Yeah, in fact, as far as I concern, I never heard about any web developer in my country using Zend Optimizer. hmm...

So, if I insist to protect my source code, a good and tight contract is my best choice, eh?
Any good real world contract available for me, guys?

Actually to clear the matter Zend Optimizer is just something to be installed which basically cache's the pages and queries. Also required for any php file that has been used by Zend Encoder if im correct.

So using any Encoder with it be from Zend or another company (yes there are a couple out there). Your going to limit yourself to clients that have Zend Optimizer installed on the server or some other thing required by other encoders.

So yes id write a good tight contract, create a template so you can easily recreate others for future clients.

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