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What are the basics I'd need?

Ubuntu @ April 27, 2008   Views:0

Hello, I'd like some help with the following. I recently installed ubuntu 6.06 and would like to connect to the internet with a Nokia bluetooth compatible mobile phone. What are the basics I would need to both effect bluetooth pairing and an internet connection? Is there a simple way with minimal technical jargon that I might effect this?
Are there simple packages anyone can recommend?


(1) I'd install Hardy Heron - Bluetooth support is much better and there it might work out of the box.

Agree with hyper_ch. I'd install the most recent version of Ubuntu, 8.04, since it's got 2 extra years worth of development over 6.06, and the kernel include a lot more bluetooth-related stuff.

6.06? That is neary two years old. I would suggest to use the 8.04 that just had been released and should have much more accurate drivers.

Thanks for the advice I'll try the hardy heron thing If I can find it to download. I tried the ubuntu 8.04 but it didn t seem to install as did the 6.06 so I might or might not try again.
Thanks agin I hop;e the heron thing will be sufficient. Thanks!

hardy heron is 8.04

for installation use the alternate install cd it just doesn't look as pretty for installing

Well, I just installed the 8.04 and I've gotten as far as pairing my phone and pc, but how to now to connect to the net please? I'd appreciate a simple version please as I am new to ubuntu. Thanks.

How do you want to connect to the internet, internal modem or external

I can only use my mobile phone (nokia). Thanks.

no clue

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